Student Projects

In our research group we involve students from The Hague University in different stages of our projects. Whether developing machine learning algorithms to predict market performance or conducting analysis about GDPR compliance of data sharing, students play a valuable role. Our team of data scientists will guide you through the project and provide support and learning materials where needed. By working on one of our projects you will gain experience in the world of data science, learn how to document your work in scientific articles, and may even join us on a sponsored conference trip presenting your results.

Interested in working on our projects? Choose one from the projects below and let us know but emailing

Available projects

Improving Drug Safety

Main question: Can I use ML applied to heart rate data (time series) of test subjects to show who is using beta blockers? Sub-questions: What preprocessing should be applied? Is it preferable to work with features or is it better to let a neural network learn the raw data? Does a Classifier provide better results […]

The Living Somnox

 1. Introduction Insomnia has many consequences for society. Scientific research shows that the consequences of a bad night’s sleep are noticeable in, for example, the productivity of employees, road safety, the effect of therapies, the use of medication and the performance of students during their education and in the quality of life in in general. […]

Food Trends

Identify clustered perceptions towards nutrition-related topics (e.g. guidelines, meat consumption, trends like low carb diets etc) based on social media information. This type of analysis could serve as exploratory research aiming to generate hypotheses or to identify profiles of participants to be recruited for more in-depth qualitative research. Development of research questions in collaboration with […]

Food Image Recognition

Goal Estimate ‘what people eat’ with machine learning based on images or videos of plates. Methodology We can start small by e.g. aiming to estimate portion sizes, in- or exclusion of vegetables at dinnertime or in-or exclusion of fruits in breakfasts. We could ask students to collect both experimental data as photo’s or video’s and […]

Road Scan Data

DATAST is a company that works to make maintaining and servicing the public space as efficient as possible. DATAST has a lot of data they get from different sources which they have to store. And they have different clients that only have access to certain parts of the data. DATAST receives sensor data from a […]

Behavior Features

We have data from one day (7-22.00) regarding physical activity of 15 patients, comprising two types of data: Type 1: Accelerometry: % of time lying/sitting, standing, walking, running, cycling. Type 2: Behavioral mapping: 3 hourly observations during one day (approximately 45 observations per patient) – what – how – with who – where. There are […]

Auto Exercise Planning

Using string data from the electronic patient record to compose an eHealth exercise program, what is needed and how feasible is it, what can be the potential outcome? Composing a digital exercise program is time consuming. Is it feasible to compose a exercise program by subsequently: Linking data from the anamnese by a health professional […]

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Do you have a data science related project that you would like us to help you with? We welcome collaborations with external partners. Our group collaborates with companies, universities, hospitals, researchers, and municipalities both locally in the Netherlands and internationally. If you are interested in utilising data science techniques when we can offer you guidance in this process. Just send us  your project idea and make sure you have someone in your organisation who can dedicate a minimum of 1 hour per week to collaborate with us on this project. We will add your project to the list of offered internships and provide you with the help and expertise you need.

If you have collected a lot of data over the years and want to utilise it to improve your services, if you would like to collect data to improve your services, but need help in understanding how to collect data properly, if you would like to write a proposal for a data science related funding grant, then we would be happy to help.

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