Publications 2022

A Business Analytics Framework for Primary Care
A Ettefaghian, P Krause, S De Lusignan, LK Stergioulas
Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 298, 152-156

Evaluating privacy, security and regulation concerns for sensory-based assistive technology
T Reuter, H Alers, X Peng
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on PErvasive Technologies
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Improving Routine Immunization Coverage Through Optimally Designed Predictive Models
F Sameen, AM Kazi, M Kazmi, MA Abbasi, SA Qazi, LK Stergioulas

Towards an Automatic Diagnosis of Peripheral and Central Palsy Using Machine Learning on Facial Features
CV Vletter, HL Burger, H Alers, N Sourlos, Z Al-Ars
arXiv preprint arXiv:2201.11852

Publications 2021

Assessing Patient Engagement in Health Care: Proposal for a Modeling and Simulation Framework for Behavioral Analysis
A Alwasel, L Stergioulas, M Fakhimi, W Garn
JMIR research protocols 10 (12), e30092

COVID-19 diagnosis from chest x-rays: developing a simple, fast, and accurate neural network
V Nikolaou, S Massaro, M Fakhimi, L Stergioulas, W Garn
Health information science and systems 9 (1), 1-11

Fast decliner phenotype of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): applying machine learning for predicting lung function loss
V Nikolaou, S Massaro, W Garn, M Fakhimi, L Stergioulas, DB Price
BMJ open respiratory research 8 (1), e000980

The cardiovascular phenotype of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Applying machine learning to the prediction of cardiovascular comorbidities
V Nikolaou, S Massaro, W Garn, M Fakhimi, L Stergioulas, D Price
Respiratory Medicine 186, 106528

Usability and acceptability of a mobile app for behavior change and to improve immunization coverage among children in pakistan: A mixed-methods study
AM Kazi, N Ahsan, W Mughis, S Jamal, R Allana, M Raza, S Muneer, …
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (18), 9527

Distributed Manufacturing: A New Digital Framework for Sustainable Modular Construction. Sustainability 2021, 13, 1515
C Turner, J Oyekan, LK Stergioulas

Wichgers, L., Loots, W., Cocx, T., & Alers, H. (2021). Evaluation and improvements regarding the implementation of Project-Based Learning within the Innovative Development program.

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Verschuuren, J., Lindeborg, J., van der Ham, A., Cocx, T., & Alers, H. (2021). How to become innovative: measuring and improving innovative development (No. 5594). EasyChair.
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Ashruf, S., van der Plaats, D., Alers, H., Malinowska, A., & Peng, X. (2021). Professional Practice: A Case Study of Collaborations between Education and Industry. Journal of Education and Practice, 12(2021), 84-95.
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Louman, W., Vernee, M., de Bruijn, D., van’t Riet, B., & Alers, H. (2021, January). Mobile Firewall applications: An analysis of usability and effectiveness. In 2021 IEEE 5th International Conference on Cryptography, Security and Privacy (CSP) (pp. 148-152). IEEE.
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Turner, C., Oyekan, J., & Stergioulas, L. K. (2021). Distributed Manufacturing: A New Digital Framework for Sustainable Modular Construction. Sustainability 2021, 13, 1515.
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Publications 2020

Turner, C. J., Oyekan, J., Stergioulas, L., & Griffin, D. (2020). Utilizing Industry 4.0 on the Construction Site: Challenges and Opportunities. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 17(2), 746-756.
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Kazi, A. M., Qazi, S. A., Khawaja, S., Ahsan, N., Ahmed, R. M., Sameen, F., … & Stergioulas, L. K. (2020). An Artificial Intelligence–Based, Personalized Smartphone App to Improve Childhood Immunization Coverage and Timelines Among Children in Pakistan: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR research protocols, 9(12), e22996.
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Kazi, A. M., Qazi, S. A., Ahsan, N., Khawaja, S., Sameen, F., Saqib, M., … & Stergioulas, L. K. (2020). Current Challenges of Digital Health Interventions in Pakistan: Mixed Methods Analysis. Journal of medical Internet research, 22(9), e21691.
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Veldthuis, M., Alers, H., Malinowska, A., & Peng, X. (2020, October). Flipped classrooms for remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Proceedings of the 9th Computer Science Education Research Conference (pp. 1-2).
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Peng, X., Liang, Q., Deng, W., & Hendrikse, G. (2020). CEOs versus members’ evaluation of cooperative performance: Evidence from China. The Social Science Journal, 57(2), 219-229.
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Kazmi, M., Aziz, A., Khan, H. R., Qazi, S. A., & Stergioulas, L. K. (2020). Resource-Efficient Image Buffer Architecture for Neighborhood Processors. IEEE Access, 8, 181964-181975.
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Zwaard, S., Boele, H. J., Alers, H., Strydis, C., Lew-Williams, C., & Al-Ars, Z. (2020). Privacy-Preserving Object Detection & Localization Using Distributed Machine Learning: A Case Study of Infant Eyeblink Conditioning. arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.07259.
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