Food Trends

Identify clustered perceptions towards nutrition-related topics (e.g. guidelines, meat consumption, trends like low carb diets etc) based on social media information.
This type of analysis could serve as exploratory research aiming to generate hypotheses or to identify profiles of participants to be recruited for more in-depth qualitative research.
Development of research questions in collaboration with sustainability colleauges and research group purposeful marketing.
Dr. Hani Al-Ers
Senior Researcher
Hani Al-Ers is a researcher in the field of human-machine interactions. He completed his PhD at the Delft University of Technology at the Interactive Intelligence group of the Faculty Computer Science (EEMCS). Philips Research in Eindhoven sponsored his project which was aimed at improving the user experience of Philips tv sets. He completed 2 post-docs at the Delft University of Technology, during which he managed international consortia on topics such as an improved quality of life for the elderly. Currently, he is conducting research in the field of health and education and he leads the Research Education activities at the Dutch Innovation Factory.