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City Scrapper

The project aims to use widely available user satisfaction data to construct a decision making tool for municipalities. Managing cities is a complex task for municipalities. Both creating policies and evaluating them requires careful planning and significant resources. However, citizen already provide publicly that information on a variety of user…

Firefighter forecasting

Recent increase in wild fires in France, and around the world, are an unfortunate example of the current challenges firefighters face nowadays. Data science can provide a solution for such challenges. Through various visualizations, we can empower our public services to react faster and more efficiently to extreme situations. The…

Local energy systems

Sustainable energy transition aims to develop low-carbon, reliable, secure and affordable energy systems. Local energy systems (LESs) are a promising solution. LES can take advantage of decentralised renewable resources and can lead to, e.g., increased reliability, flexibility, resilience, and security of supply of the energy system. Moreover new business models emerge around peer-to-peer…

Solar energy prediction

In efforts to transition away from the use of fossil fuels and their associated environmental prob- lems, a number of strategies have been deployed worldwide in recent decades. Use of renewable energy sources is one such strategy, an effort in which systems that use solar power to gener- ate electricity…

AI message parsing

Since the industrial revolution European nations had created or were forced to share resources and infrastructures that transcended national boundaries. This resulted in the creation of common rules for maintenance and use to counter risks and challenges . This fact also comes with international dependence and difficulties regarding infrastructures. One…