City Scrapper

The project aims to use widely available user satisfaction data to construct a decision making tool for municipalities. Managing cities is a complex task for municipalities. Both creating policies and evaluating them requires careful planning and significant resources. However, citizen already provide publicly that information on a variety of user experience websites (as, Tripadvisor, etc.). By retrieving data from such sources, we can provide public institutions a powerful tool to help them provide relevant and efficient policies.

The project consists in three stages. The first is a discussion with the partner municipalities to identify/clarify their objectives and expectations. The purpose is to come up with a clear focus for the project, and insure that the results will be aligned with the needs of the municipalities. The second steps involves students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). We will first design the algorithm necessary to retrieve relevant data from user experience websites. A Hackathon will be then created for students to code different part of that algorithm. The final product will be an application capable of retrieving user experience data from various sources and map it over a city map. The application will allow users to identify geographical areas where satisfaction is high/low and to analyze the comments related to that satisfaction. From a public institutions perspective, it allows municipalities to identify the problems to tackle in a city and offer a way to quantify/evaluate whether their policy is effective.

Dr. Mathis Mourey
Senior Researcher
I am a Lecturer in Finance/Statistics at THUAS and hold a PhD in Finance from the University Grenoble Alpes (UGA). My research mainly focuses on Systemic Risk measurement. I also have research interests in Data Science and Cryptocurrencies.