Applying data science for Health Innovation

Recently, the Data Science team got involved in Pim Koolwijk’s Project ‘Start(V)aardig’. The aim of this project is to develop a toolbox for professionals supporting them to improve the motor competence of young children. The project provides a rich source of structured and repeatedly measured data. Ester is involved because of her methodological experience. This project is an opportunity for the Data Science team to collaborate closely with the research group Healthy Lifestyle in a Stimulating Environment. Moreover, it contributes to the ambition of our Centre of Expertise Health Innovation to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ester de Jonge
I’m a nutrition scientist by background. I completed my PhD in public health epidemiology at the Erasmus Medical University Center. During the COVID- pandemic I used registration data on COVID infections to identify high risk population groups. For me, this study clearly illustrated the huge impact of data quality, ethical data management and meaningful data analysis for the development of steering information relevant to policy makers.