DS Regulations & Ethics

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is an efficient tool to deal with complex situations but it also raises new issues regarding responsibility and acceptance by society as there are areas around the implications of machine intelligence in terms of ethics and law. With the recent boom in big data and analytics and the continuous need for innovation, Artificial Intelligence is carving out a bigger place in human history. Through its computer-based decision making capabilities, it brings new opportunities and possibilities to tackle many issues and challenges about its use and limits. The main aim of this research study is to provide a better understanding of the roles of Artificial Intelligence in the decision making process and develop appropriate models of Benefit and Risk for different levels of decision and policy making – interfacing the areas of governance, IT infrastructure, data and ethics.

The study will further highlight and endeavor to explore deeper insights into the use of Artificial Intelligence and its integration within the processes of organizational/government decision making, aiming to make better and more sustainable decisions while meeting the regulatory and ethical requirements.’, ‘DS Regulations & Ethics

Tufail Abbasi
PhD. Candidate
Tufail Abbasi is affiliated to The Hague University of Applied Sciences as a researcher and PhD candidate at the Faculty IT & Design. His field of research is Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. He is currently doing research in “AI-Enable citizen empowerment” research study aims to investigate the use of AI technology to empower and improve the quality of life of citizen. He has done MS in Information security with Gold Medal from Riphah International University, Pakistan. Areas of interest lies within domain of Data Governance and Management, Ethics and Risk Management.