Event Details:

The Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC) 2024 showcased a pivotal presentation by Dr. Hani Alers from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, delving into AI’s role in academic grading. This event summary captures the profound insights shared and the ensuing discussions about AI’s burgeoning role in education.

Our research:

Dr. Hani Alers’ session at FICC 2024 highlighted the potential of the ChatGPT-4 model in transforming educational assessment. By comparing AI-driven grading with traditional methods, Dr. Alers demonstrated ChatGPT-4’s high accuracy and capability to provide personalized feedback, which significantly enhances learning outcomes. This presentation spurred broader debates on integrating AI in educational settings, focusing on both its vast opportunities and the ethical considerations it raises.

Main Findings

Dr. Alers’ research illustrates the precision and efficiency of AI in educational assessments, providing insights into the capabilities of AI tools like ChatGPT-4 to enhance learning and administrative processes. His findings demonstrate both the potential and the challenges of integrating AI into educational settings, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations and human oversight.


  • Expert Speakers: Featuring leaders in research and development from around the world.
  • Brilliant Ideas: Showcasing high-impact, collaborative approaches to complex global challenges.
  • Exceptional Program: Includes demonstrations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions across multiple tracks.

Impact on Society

FICC 2024 fosters discussions that drive innovation and transformation in information and communication technologies, impacting various industries and enhancing societal capabilities through advanced technology.

Looking Forward:

The conference is set to influence future technological deployments and strategies, promoting a blend of technology and strategic insight to foster global educational and industrial advancements.