Dive into Data! Industry Meets Academia

On 30 June 2023, The Hague University of Applied Sciences proudly organized a comprehensive workshop dedicated to the initiatives and advancements of its Data Innovation Hub (DIH). This workshop, a significant event on the university’s calendar, attracted a diverse audience. Company representatives, keen to explore academic partnerships, joined researchers from a variety of institutions, eager to share and gain new insights. Additionally, members of the broader academic community were present, showcasing the university’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment. Together, all attendees were united by a common thread: a profound interest in the ever-evolving fields of data science and its transformative applications in today’s world.

Introduction by Prof. Lampros Stergioulas

Kicking off the workshop, Prof. Lampros Stergioulas, a prominent Data Science lecturer at The Hague, provided an overview of the DIH’s objectives. He emphasized the importance of the DIH being integrated into the Health Innovation knowledge centre, which is dedicated to leveraging both social and technological innovations to enhance the well-being of citizens. Stergioulas shared his enthusiasm about collaborating with diverse partners to address significant challenges using the tools of AI and Data Science. He also touched upon a practical application of their work, citing a project where data was gathered via an app to understand the reasons behind people’s reluctance to get vaccinated. This data-driven approach was instrumental in shaping a public health campaign.

Collaborative Project Highlight by Dr. Mathis Mourey

Dr. Mathis Mourey took the stage to delve into a hands-on project that the Data Science research group at The Hague University undertook in partnership with Rotterdam The Hague airport. Their mission was to devise a method to accurately predict the volume of passengers traveling through the airport. This initiative was not just a theoretical exercise; it was carried out by students from The Hague University, with the airport playing an active role by supplying essential data. Spanning a year, this collaboration yielded tangible results, including research publications and a prediction model. The airport is currently in the process of assessing this model for practical implementation. Mourey’s presentation underscored the DIH’s commitment to fostering real-world collaborations that yield tangible results.

Mapping Out the Future with Dr. Hani Alers

Rounding out the presentations, Dr. Hani Alers discussed the scalability of the methodologies and approaches showcased in the earlier sessions. He outlined how the foundational work done on projects like Dr. Mourey’s could be adapted and expanded for larger, more extended initiatives. Alers emphasized the importance of setting clear, achievable milestones and integrating these projects into the broader curriculum at The Hague University. This approach ensures that students not only gain valuable research and data science skills but also contribute to solving real-world challenges.

The workshop served as a platform for attendees to gain insights into the workings of the DIH, fostering discussions and laying the groundwork for potential future collaborations with The Hague University.

Workshop Program

Here is the program for the day:
14:30 Welcome coffee & tea

15:00 Introduction to Data Innovation Hub
By: Prof, Lampros Stergioulas
Professor Stergioulas will explain the mission and ambition of the DIH. How we aim to bring industry and education together, and what facilities we offer to help accomplish this.

15:30 Example project: Rotterdam Airport passenger prediction
By: Dr. Mathis Mourey
As an example, Dr. Mourey will present a project we just completed with The Hague Rotterdam Airport. We collaborated on generating algorithms to predict the number of passengers travelling through the airport.

15:50 Coffee Break

16:00 Collaboration possibilities HHS & Business
by: Dr. Hani Alers
Dr. Alers will explain the opportunities available for collaboration within the educational programs in The Hague University. Here you can see what you need to prepare for such a collaboration and you can expect to receive at the end.

16:30 Q&A, brainstorming session
17:00 Borrel