Digitalization Research Day

Event Overview

The vibrant city of Delft set the stage for the 3rd 4TU/14UAS Research Day on April 25, 2024, uniting thought leaders and innovators under the theme of “Digitalization of the Built Environment.” This event brought together a multidisciplinary group of experts and students dedicated to advancing digital technologies in urban planning and construction.

In-depth Sessions and Discussions

Dr. Lampros Stergioulas hosted a significant session on Artificial Intelligence, where he and his panel highlighted the integration of AI in enhancing urban environments and building management systems. This session provided valuable insights into the potential and challenges of implementing AI technologies effectively.

Event Highlights

  • Morning Keynote: Prof. Dr. Volker Coors enlightened the audience with his expertise on research and digitization in the built environment, setting a high standard for the discussions that followed.
  • Innovative Demonstrations: Dr. Giorgio Agugiaro led interactive software demonstrations that showcased the latest advancements in 3D geoinformation systems.
  • Dynamic Parallel Sessions: The afternoon featured parallel sessions on diverse topics such as Robotics, Digital Twins, and AI applications, fostering deep dives into specialized areas of research.

Networking and Learning Opportunities

The event wrapped up with a guided tour of The Green Village, demonstrating real-world applications of the discussed technologies. This was followed by an evening of networking, where participants exchanged ideas over drinks, fostering potential collaborations.

The 3rd Research Day not only highlighted cutting-edge research but also inspired attendees to explore new technologies and methodologies in the built environment, making it a cornerstone event for future academic and professional pursuits.