Collaboration Gemeente Zoetermeer

Event Details:

  • Topic: Research collaboration HHS and Gemeente Zoetermeer
  • Speakers: Hani Alers, UNESCO Chair in AI and Data Science for Society, and Susanne van ‘t Hoff-de Goede from the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security
  • Location:  Gemeente Zoetermeer
  • Date: 15th February 2024
  • Organized by: Rachel Meerwijk and Shayan Khan, Gemeente Zoetermeer

In an inspiring gathering at the Dutch Innovation Park, research groups from the UNESCO Chair AI and Data Science for Society joined forces with the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security from The Hague University and the municipality of Zoetermeer to explore the future of collaborative innovation. This unique event, held in the vibrant city of Zoetermeer, home to The Hague University’s location within the innovation park, showcased the potential for partnerships between academia, government, and the private sector in harnessing AI and data science for societal benefit.

Fostering Collaboration for Societal Impact

The event featured insightful presentations by Hani Alers from the UNESCO Chair Data Science and Susanne van ‘t Hoff-de Goede from the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security, who outlined the exciting possibilities for collaboration. Hani Alers provided an engaging introduction to the power of predictive modeling in strategy planning, sharing a compelling case study of its application with Rotterdam The Hague Airport. This real-life example highlighted how predictive analytics can inform future strategies and drive innovation.

Susanne van ‘t Hoff-de Goede continued the momentum by delving into the human aspect of cyber security. She presented four fascinating research projects focused on influencing human behavior for improved online security, emphasizing the importance of secure passwords and data protection—critical considerations for municipal employees handling sensitive information.

Engaging Discussions and Future Possibilities

The presentations sparked lively discussions among attendees about the role of AI in decision-making and its potential to enhance or even surpass human expertise. The audience’s keen interest in the ongoing and past projects of the UNESCO Chair underscored the community’s eagerness to access and learn from the results of these innovative endeavors.

Networking and Future Collaborations

Organized by Rachel Meerwijk, Policy Advisor for Urban Knowledge Economy, and Shayan Khan, Strategic Communication and Policy Advisor from the municipality of Zoetermeer, the one-hour lunch event provided an ideal setting for knowledge exchange and networking. Following the insightful presentations, a networking “borrel” allowed for the exchange of contact information and discussions on future collaborations, laying the groundwork for continued partnership and innovation.

A Special Thank You
We extend our heartfelt thanks to Rachel Meerwijk and Shayan Khan for their impeccable organization of this enriching lunch event. Their efforts have not only facilitated a platform for dialogue and collaboration but have also paved the way for future events aimed at strengthening the bonds between our partners in the municipality of Zoetermeer and beyond.

As The Hague University eagerly looks to expand its collaboration with the municipality, this event marks a significant step towards realizing our shared vision of leveraging data science and AI for the greater good. Together, we stand on the brink of a promising journey of innovation, security, and societal advancement.