Data Innovation Hub: Participation in the 4th ASEF Higher Education Innovation Laboratory

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is conducting its 4th Higher Education Innovation Laboratory (ASEFInnoLab4) in Shanghai, China, from 23rd to 28th October 2023. Initiated in 2021, the ASEFInnoLab series is designed to encourage knowledge exchange and foster collaboration among higher education stakeholders from Asia and Europe. This year’s focus is on “Universities’ Role in Advancing Teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) Skills and Entrepreneurship.”

This intensive event gathers approximately 20 distinguished higher education academics and senior administrators. The highlight is a Roundtable Dialogue at the Shanghai Forum on 27th October, with an extended session for ASEFInnoLab3 participants on 28th October.

Prof. Lampros Stergioulas at ASEFInnoLab4:

Prof. Lampros Stergioulas, heading the Data Innovation Hub and serving as the UNESCO Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Society in the EU, is actively contributing to this event. He is slated to participate in several roundtable discussions, with special attention to AI Governance and AI Innovation Ecosystems. His insights will be instrumental in shaping the Joint Statement for AI Innovation Collaboration in Asia and Europe, which is set to be finalized this Thursday.

By representing the Data Innovation Hub and the Netherlands at ASEFInnoLab4, Prof. Stergioulas’s involvement aligns with the Hub’s mission and the Netherlands’ objective to be at the forefront of AI research and application. The collaborations and discussions from this event will inform our future strategies and initiatives at the Data Innovation Hub.

Event's Core Highlights:

The upcoming Joint Statement for AI Innovation Collaboration promises to be a pivotal document for Asia-Europe collaborations in the field of AI. This declaration will emphasize the crucial role of higher education institutions in addressing the AI skills gap and fostering continuous innovation. The Data Innovation Hub, with its commitment to AI research, education, and entrepreneurship, looks forward to the outcomes and potential collaborations stemming from this event.

As the week progresses, the Data Innovation Hub anticipates productive sessions and the successful culmination of ASEFInnoLab4, especially with the unveiling of the Joint Statement.