AI Community of Practice THUAS

Event Overview

On May 16, approximately 50 colleagues from De Haagse Community of Practice AI Expert Group gathered to explore the profound impact of AI on the workforce and society. This showcase event was a platform for sharing crucial insights and results on various AI-related themes. Attendees were invited to immerse themselves in discussions and presentations, enriching their understanding and application of AI in education and beyond.

Key Themes and Leaders:

  • Theme 1: The Impact of AI on the Workforce and Society
    Led by Dr. Mark Vondenhoff from the Data Innovation Hub
    This theme delved into how AI can positively influence society and the workforce. Discussions focused on evaluating the ethical implications of AI technologies and how ethical guidelines are practically applied. Attendees engaged in conversations about the factors that either hinder or promote ethical evaluations of AI applications.

  • Theme 2: Development of AI Skills
    Led by Dr. Hani Alers from the Data Innovation Hub
    This session focused on AI literacy, identifying essential skills for various disciplines, and developing a comprehensive model of AI competencies. Participants were introduced to a step-by-step guide for leveraging Generative AI (GAI) to enhance educational quality and standards, starting from learning objectives to lesson materials and assessments.
  • Theme 3: AI in Education
    This theme explored available AI tools, their possibilities, and limitations. Practical tools for generating educational content and supporting students were developed and demonstrated. Attendees had the opportunity to see these tools in action and understand how they can save time and enhance educational practices.

Networking and Learning Opportunities

This event was designed for all staff members of De Haagse Hogeschool, whether they have prior experience with AI or are entirely new to the field. It provided a valuable opportunity for participants to gain insights, share experiences, and collaborate on advancing AI applications in education.

Join Us Next Time!

This showcase event was a remarkable success, sparking inspiration and fostering collaboration among colleagues interested in AI. Stay tuned for future events where we continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of AI and its impact on our society and work environment.